Ocean Estate Bursary Scheme

About the award

Level: Masters, Undergraduate
Course: All
Country: Home
Value: Up to £3000
No. of awards: Refer to Canary Wharf Trust
Deadline: 21st June 2019

More information

Residents of the Ocean Estate* in Stepney who will be taking the first year of a higher education course (eg BSc, BA or HND, or a postgraduate course) in the 2019/20 academic year can apply for an Ocean Estate bursary of up to £3000. Bursaries are grants and do not have to be repaid.

Applicants must be over 16 years old and must have been ordinarily resident in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets from 21st June 2016. An exception to the three year period can be made for those applicants granted full refugee status.  Applicants must live on the Ocean Estate as of 21st June 2019.  Students living on the Ocean Estate for education reasons only will not be eligible.

Application forms can be obtained from:
phone: 020 7780 3113

Forms must be received at the return address by 12 noon on 21st June 2019

The Bursary scheme will be administered by the Tower Hamlets and Canary Wharf Trust using funds the Council required developers to put aside (S106 funds) for the benefit of the local community.

  • The Ocean Estate boundaries are: Mile End Road to the north, the Regents Canal to the east, Halley Street, Aston Street, Matlock Street and Belgrade Street along the southern edge and Stepney Green to the west.