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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Siwen Ding

PhD Student



Project Title: Centromeric architecture control in distinct cell types and fates

Summary: Centromeric architecture has been studied in many somatic cells, but it remains unclear in stem cells. Cultured pluripotent stem cells show an elevated level of karyotype abnormalities which might be caused by impaired centromere function. This drives us to the question on to what extent the centromere architecture is differently controlled in proliferating, quiescent or senescent cells. The evolutionary significance of key findings will be confirmed in other eukaryotic systems. Aims and objectives of this project are to gain insight into centromeric architecture control in distinct cell types and fates using CRISPR engineered cell lines and a combination of light microscopy and biochemistry approaches. The findings will provide insight into basic mechanisms that regulate centromere assembly and function that ensure chromosomal stability in eurkaryotes.



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