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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Elizabeth Quinn

PhD student



Project title: Ageing Well: Investigating the health and well-being benefits of participatory arts interventions for older adults

Summary: Ageing is a growing concern in many countries, with projections suggesting that older adults (aged 65+) will comprise 25% of the population by 2035. Although people are living longer, they are not necessarily living well. Many older adults are at risk of social isolation, which is associated with poor health and well-being. Given these projections and consequences, solutions that help older adults to stay connected
are paramount. Drawing from the social identity approach to health and well-being and knowledge about arts practice this project investigates whether, how, and why participatory arts interventions help older adults to live and age well. Through a review of the literature, analyses of secondary datasets, and crosssectional and longitudinal examinations of Entelechy Art’s Meet Me at The Albany (MMA) program (, this project will test whether involvement in the arts in general, and MMA’s programs in particular, reduce isolation by improving social connectedness, and through this increas access to the support and engagement needed to facilitate health and well-being over time. Findings wil provide insights into the processes through which taking part helps older adults to take care and age well within their communities.



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