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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Contextual information in adaptation

Supervisor: Dr Isabelle Mareschal

Project description

My laboratory uses conventional psychophysical and computational methods to examine human vision.

This project will focus on how our perception can be altered by context. Contextual effects studied can be within a same modality - for example, how our perception of a person depends on the people around them - or between modalities - does our perception of a person change based on incoming auditory information? The project will examine contextual effects on perception and determine whether we adapt to context. That is to say if the context affects our perception but it is always present and never changing, do we start to ignore it and our perecption change?

I am particularly interested in combining conventional behavioural methods with eye tracking and EEG recording. There is flexibility to alter the direction of the project, depending on the candidates’ interests. Ongoing collaborations with computer science can also be exploited, particularly with Dr Pearce, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary, to examine cross-modal integration between vision and music.

Eligibility and applying

I am seeking a highly motivated candidate with a strong interest in psychology and computer science. International students must provide evidence of proficient English language skills. See our entry requirements page for further information.

Potential candidates should contact Dr Mareschal by e-mail ( and submit their CV and a cover letter explaining their eligibility and interest in this project.

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