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Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute

More Than Just a Game, 2022

The Power of Games and Interactive Entertainment


After two years, MTJG has returned to London for the 6th edition, the flagship event in our international conference series. As games and interactive entertainment continue to define our understanding of creativity, culture, and innovation, the conference focused on the power of games to drive positive change – social, technological, and legal.

Over two days, 7th and 8th April 2022, academics, legal practitioners, and industry insiders gathered at the Old Hall, The Honourable Society of Lincolns’ Inn, to take part in panel discussions and individual presentations exploring different angles of the recent transformation of the industry, their legal, regulatory, and ethical implications. 

Games and interactive entertainment are fast becoming central to the new economy, enabling new business models and an entire new generation of creators that want to and can make a living from ‘playing’ video games. New forms of creative expression and freedom, facilitated by interactive and immersive cross-platform environments (metaverse), challenge the existing legal frameworks and boundaries presented by IPRs, in particular by copyright. From cloud gaming, the legal dimension of metaverse, the nature of virtual property, to the role of NFTs, the conference provided a spotlight on how the increased sophistication of both our digital interactions and the digital environments themselves call for a radical rethinking of personal freedom, agency, and property in the digital space.

We would like to thank all the speakers – Scott M. Kelly, Nick Kempton, Rosie Burbidge, Canon Pence, Yin Harn Lee, Isabel Davies, Andy Ramos Gil de la Haza, Kim Barker, Leigh Ann Lucero, Professor Ted Castronova, Darya Firsava, Kostya Lobov, Peter Lewin, Ross Dannenberg, Chris Harrison, Tamara Sakolchyk, Kinga Palinska, Mikołaj Skowronek, Paul Gardner, Ann Becker, Kelvin Plomer, Kimberly Voll, Professor Jon Festinger, and Professor Andrew Phelps – and chairs – Gwilym Roberts, Professor Chris Reed, and Lord Clement-Jones – for their expertise, insight, and professionalism.

The event itself would not have happened without the continued support of our sponsors – Banner Witcoff, Wiggin, and Pérez-Llorca.

And we would also like to extend our thanks to the student volunteers – Juan Alberto Pulido Lock, Siddharth Kohli, Samuel George Honer, Yash Aggarwal, Avi Bhandari, Abhinav Kumar, Daniel Harvey, and Priyal Jain.



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