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Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit

Our Methodological Publications

PCTU staff have written a number of methodological papers that can be located in this section, ordered by year of publication date. 

Bond C, Lancaster GA, Campbell M, Chan C, Eddy S, Hopewell S, Mellor K, Thabane L, Eldridge S. Pilot and feasibility studies: extending the conceptual framework. Pilot Feasibility Stud 2023;9:24

Russell AM, Shepherd V, Woolfall K, Young B, Gillies K, Volkmer A, Jayes M, Huxtable R, Perkins A, Noor NM, Nickolls B, Wade J. Complex and alternate consent pathways in clinical trials: methodological and ethical challenges encountered by underserved groups and a call to action. Trials 2023;24(1):151

Parker K, Eddy S, Nunns M, Xiao Z, Ford T, Eldridge S, Ukoumunne OC. Systematic review of the characteristics of school-based feasibility cluster randomised trials of interventions for improving the health of pupils in the UK. Pilot and feasibility studies. 2022;8(1):132 

Lawson DO, Mellor K, Eddy S, Lee C, Kim KH, Kim K, Mbuagbaw L, Thabane L. Pilot and Feasibility Studies in Rehabilitation Research A Review and Educational Primer for the Physiatrist Researcher. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 2022;101:372-383 

Kasza J, Bowden R, Hooper R, A.B. F. The batched stepped wedge design: a design robust to delays in cluster recruitment. Stat Med 2022; 

Kahan BC, White IR, Hooper R, Eldridge S. Re-randomisation trials in multi-episode settings: Estimands and independence estimators. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2022; 

Wilson DT, Hooper R, Brown J, Farrin AJ, Walwyn REA. Efficient and flexible simulation-based sample size determination for clinical trials with multiple design parameters. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2021;30:799-815 

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Ster AC, Phillips R, Sauzet O, Cornelius V. Improving analysis practice of continuous adverse event outcomes in randomised controlled trials - a distributional approach. Trials 2021;22: 

Mellor K, Eddy S, Peckham N, Bond CM, Campbell MJ, Lancaster GA, Thabane L, Eldridge SM, Dutton SJ, Hopewell S. Progression from external pilot to definitive randomised controlled trial: a methodological review of progression criteria reporting. Bmj Open 2021;11: 

Madurasinghe VW, Bower P, Eldridge S, Collier D, Graffy J, Treweek S, Knapp P, Parker A, Rick J, Salisbury C, Man MS, Torgerson D, Sheridan R, Sullivan F, Cockayne S, Dack C. Can we achieve better recruitment by providing better information? Meta-analysis of 'studies within a trial' (SWATs) of optimised participant information sheets. Bmc Medicine 2021;19: 

Lung TM, Si L, Hooper R, Di Tanna GL. Health Economic Evaluation Alongside Stepped Wedge Trials: A Methodological Systematic Review. Pharmacoeconomics 2021;39:63-80 

Khan MIU, Mbuagbaw L, Holek M, Bdair F, Durrani ZH, Mellor K, Eddy S, Eldridge SM, Chan CL, Campbell MJ, Bond CM, Hopewell S, Lancaster GA, Thabane L. Transparency of informed consent in pilot and feasibility studies is inadequate: a single-center quality assurance study. Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2021;7: 

Kahan BC, White IR, Eldridge S, Hooper R. Independence estimators for re-randomisation trials in multi-episode settings: a simulation study. Bmc Medical Research Methodology 2021;21: 

Hooper R, Eldridge SM. Cutting edge or blunt instrument: how to decide if a stepped wedge design is right for you. Bmj Quality & Safety 2021;30:245-250 

Hooper R, Copas AJ. Optimal design of cluster randomised trials with continuous recruitment and prospective baseline period. Clinical Trials 2021;18:147-157 

Hooper R. Key concepts in clinical epidemiology: Stepped wedge trials. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2021;137:159-162 

Copas AJ, Hooper R. Optimal design of cluster randomized trials allowing unequal allocation of clusters and unequal cluster size between arms. Statistics in Medicine 2021;40:5474-5486 

Chan CL, Taljaard M, Lancaster GA, Brehaut JC, Eldridge SM. Pilot and feasibility studies for pragmatic trials have unique considerations and areas of uncertainty. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2021;138:102-114 

Yepnang AMM, Caille A, Eldridge SM, Giraudeau B. Authors reply: Letter to the Editor: Is the R coefficient of interest in cluster randomized trials with a binary outcome? (SMMR, First Published online 23 January 2020). Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2020;29:1765-1766 

Yepnang AMM, Caille A, Eldridge SM, Giraudeau B. Is the R coefficient of interest in cluster randomized trials with a binary outcome? Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2020;29:2470-2480 

Taljaard M, Goldstein CE, Giraudeau B, Nicholls SG, Carroll K, Hey SP, Brehaut JC, Jairath V, London AJ, Eldridge SM, Grimshaw JM, Fergusson DA, Weijer C. Cluster over individual randomization: are study design choices appropriately justified? Review of a random sample of trials. Clinical Trials 2020;17:253-263 

Lee MJ, Dimairo M, Edwards J, Hawkins DJ, Hind D, Knowles CH, Hooper R, Brown SR, Collaborative WS. Non-randomized studies should be considered for assessing surgical techniques in rectal prolapse: prospective cohort study. Colorectal Disease 2020;22:2170-2180 

Khan MI, Holek M, Bdair F, Mbuagbaw L, Eldridge SM, Chan CL, Campbell MJ, Bond CM, Hopewell S, Lancaster GA, Thabane L. Assessing the transparency of informed consent in feasibility and pilot studies: a single-centre quality assurance study protocol. Bmj Open 2020;10: 

Kasza J, Hooper R, Copas A, Forbes AB. Sample size and power calculations for open cohort longitudinal cluster randomized trials. Statistics in Medicine 2020;39:1871-1883 

Hooper R, Kasza J, Forbes A. The hunt for efficient, incomplete designs for stepped wedge trials with continuous recruitment and continuous outcome measures. Bmc Medical Research Methodology 2020;20: 

Hemming K, Kasza J, Hooper R, Forbes A, Taljaard M. A tutorial on sample size calculation for multiple-period cluster randomized parallel, cross-over and stepped-wedge trials using the Shiny CRT Calculator. International Journal of Epidemiology 2020;49:979-995 

Ettori-Ajasse I, Tatin E, Forbes G, Eldridge S, Dibao-Dina C. How pragmatic are the randomised trials used in recommendations for control of glycosylated haemoglobin levels in type 2 diabetic patients in general practice: an application of the PRECIS II tool. Trials 2020;21: 

Copas AJ, Hooper R. Cluster randomised trials with different numbers of measurements at baseline and endline: Sample size and optimal allocation. Clinical Trials 2020;17:69-76 

Sterne JAC, Savovic J, Page MJ, Elbers RG, Blencowe NS, Boutron I, Cates CJ, Cheng HY, Corbett MS, Eldridge SM, Emberson JR, Hernan MA, Hopewell S, Hrobjartsson A, Junqueira DR, Juni P, Kirkham JJ, Lasserson T, Li TJ, McAleenan A, Reeves BC, Shepperd S, Shrier I, Stewart LA, Tilling K, White IR, Whiting PF, Higgins JPT. RoB 2: a revised tool for assessing risk of bias in randomised trials. Bmj-British Medical Journal 2019;366 

Kristunas CA, Hemming K, Eborall H, Eldridge S, Gray LJ. The current use of feasibility studies in the assessment of feasibility for stepped-wedge cluster randomised trials: a systematic review. BMC Med Res Methodol 2019;19:12 

Kasza J, Hemming K, Hooper R, Matthews JNS, Forbes AB, Resource ACO. Impact of non-uniform correlation structure on sample size and power in multiple-period cluster randomised trials. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2019;28:703-716 

Hooper R, Copas A. Stepped wedge trials with continuous recruitment require new ways of thinking. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2019;116:161-166 

Forbes G, Loudon K, Clinch M, Taylor SJC, Treweek S, Eldridge S. Improving the relevance of randomised trials to primary care: a qualitative study investigating views towards pragmatic trials and the PRECIS-2 tool. Trials 2019;20: 

Chan CL. A website for pilot and feasibility studies: giving your research the best chance of success. Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2019;5: 

Yelland LN, Kahan BC, Dent E, Lee KJ, Voysey M, Forbes AB, Cook JA. Prevalence and reporting of recruitment, randomisation and treatment errors in clinical trials: A systematic review. Clin Trials 2018;1740774518761627 

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Parker A, Knapp P, Treweek S, Madhurasinghe V, Littleford R, Gallant S, Sullivan F, Schembri S, Rick J, Graffy J, Collier DJ, Eldridge S, Kennedy A, Bower P. The effect of optimised patient information materials on recruitment in a lung cancer screening trial: an embedded randomised recruitment trial. Trials 2018;19:503 

Parker A, Knapp P, Treweek S, Madhurasinghe V, Littleford R, Gallant S, Sullivan F, Schembri S, Rick J, Graffy J. The effect of optimised patient information materials on recruitment in a lung cancer screening trial: an embedded randomised recruitment trial. Trials 2018;19:503 

Mulhern B, Feng Y, Shah K, Janssen MF, Herdman M, van Hout B, Devlin N. Comparing the UK EQ-5D-3L and English EQ-5D-5L Value Sets. Pharmacoeconomics 2018;36:699-713 

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Keerie C, Tuck C, Milne G, Eldridge S, Wright N, Lewis SC. Data sharing in clinical trials - practical guidance on anonymising trial datasets. Trials 2018;19:25 

Kahan BC, Morris TP, Harris E, Pearse R, Hooper R, Eldridge S. Re-randomization increased recruitment and provided similar treatment estimates as parallel designs in trials of febrile neutropenia. J Clin Epidemiol 2018; 

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