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Is there a reason?

Winner of I am Me Poetry Competition, Nafisa Sultana Oni from Osmani Primary School.



I sat there thinking

Is there a reason?

For everything that happened to me in every season?

Getting bullied, stereotyped, or even discriminated

Mixed emotions, crestfallen, furious, and devastated

I let the whole world collapse on me

But is there a reason?

Can I ever get free?

Is there a reason for me not having equal rights as others for the colour of my skin?

Telling me I have to be friends with people who are “black”

And being treated like a bin

Is there a reason

For me not having a partner in something

When others are crowded around their chin

Bewildered and confused, crestfallen, and cheerless, I drowned in my tears

Instead of growing courage, I got more fears

But is there a reason

Is there a reason for everything that happened to me?

Well sadly…


The people who do these things are senseless

They do this because they are cruel

They do this to make you powerless

So the next time someone is like “NO, you don’t belong with us!” or something like that, my answer is “Yeah, Your right. I don’t belong with you because I’m too powerful.”


“She was rarely afraid, and even if she was…she still stood her ground.”

(Quote from book “A Story of Freedom”)



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