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Civil Liberties in Lockdown Project – Report Published

Over the summer, a number of Queen Mary students were involved in the Civil Liberties in Lockdown Project, led by The Freedom Law Clinic in partnership with Josie Appleton, Director of the Manifesto Club.

Street lined with bus shelters displaying COVID-19 warnings

Our students worked alongside seven other Universities to research and attend seminars that monitored the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the Healthcare Protection Regulations that applied during the ‘first’ lockdown. A special well done to Jane Pallant, Jamie Shorter, Tasmyn Ong and Anheya Pirindeva whose submissions and work was invaluable to the project.

Our Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre Students made a ‘huge’ contribution to the analysis and implications of the derogation time limits, and the general theme of setting the Regulations against the backdrop of the timescale for their implementation that runs throughout the report.

Our students also worked hard on considering the powers that were given to national authorities, elected officials and other persons of relevance in the pandemic and its regulations. This excellent report has recently been published and can be read in full online.

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