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School of Geography

PhD Opportunities

The following PhD projects are being advertised in the School of Geography:

The School invites applications for QMUL Principal’s Postgraduate Research Studentships for self-defined projects relating to any of the School’s human or physical geography research themes. Applications are also invited for projects that might involve collaboration with other Schools within QMUL. These studentships are open to UK, EU and international students and cover fees and maintenance at the Research Council rate for London (currently £19,668).

For further information on the Principal’s studentship please see here.

The deadline for submitting an application is 25th January 2023, 5pm.


How to apply

For further information eligibility criteria please see the London NERC DTP website.

Below are examples of current projects advertised on the DTP website:

Project title: Rewilding and Natural Flood Management
Supervisor(s): Gemma Harvey ( QMUL Geography), Alex Henshaw (QMUL Geography), Stewart Clarke (National Trust)
CASE Partner: National Trust

Project title: Microplastic-sediment interactions (MiPSi)
Supervisor(s): Kate Spencer ( QMUL Geography), Geraldene Wharton (QMUL Geography)

Project Title: Quantification of the impact of changing vegetation on hillslope sediment transport
Supervisor(s): Stuart Grieve ( QMUL Geography, Emily Lines (QMUL Geography)

Project Title: Investigating the impacts of drought on Spanish forests using terrestrial laser scanning
Supervisor(s): Emily Lines ( QMUL Geography)

Project Title: Past intermediate and deep ocean circulation during sustained periods of warmth
Supervisors(s): Heather Ford ( QMUL Geography)

Project Title: Microbial activity on glaciers and ice sheets: an intergrated modelling and empirical approach
Supervisors(s): James Bradley ( QMUL Geography)

Project Title: Microbial and biogeochemical processes through the ocean-sediment continuum
Supervisors(s): James Bradley ( QMUL Geography)

Project Title: The future role of Citizen Science in catchment management (physical science)
Supervisors(s): Kate Heppell ( QMUL Geography)

If you wish to discuss any of these projects please contact the named supervisor. For any other enquiries, including developing other research project ideas please contact Stuart Grieve, Director of Graduate Studies for Physical Geography and Environmental Science.

The School invites applications for 1+3 and +3 studentships through the London Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership, for projects relating to: International Development, Conflict & Human Security, Health, Biopolitics and Social Inequality, and Urbanisation, Social Change & Transformation. Studentships may be either 1+3 (one year MRes followed by three year PhD), or +3 (three year PhD only, available for those with suitable masters-level social science research training). Eligibility is based on UK residency, although non-UK resident EU students may apply for a fees only award. See details on ESRC eligibility.

The application deadline is 27th January 2023, 5pm. Applicants must submit an application to the DTP and QMUL by this deadline


The School invites applications for the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP) for students studying arts and humanities disciplines. The research areas covered by the Arts and the Humanities Research Council (AHRC) are listed here. Further details and eligibility criteria can be found here.

The application deadline is 27th January 2023, 5pm. Applicants must submit an application to the DTP and QMUL by this deadline.


This is open to all QMUL alumni and full details are available online.

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