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EUPLANT Final Report

EUPLANT logo sat above the Erasmus+ logo which states 'with the generous support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European UnionThe Jean Monnet Network ‘EU-China Legal and Judicial Cooperation’ (EUPLANT) investigates the interactions between the Chinese and the European Union (EU) legal and judicial systems and promotes excellence in teaching and research on EU-China legal and judicial cooperation. Through a set of research, policy and outreach activities, EUPLANT creates new avenues for enhanced academic and policy cooperation between the EU and China and engenders a better understanding of each other’s legal systems. In this report, academic experts from the network and beyond look into some of the key overarching themes of the network relating to the prospects and challenges for the internationalisation of EU law in EU-China relations as well as EU-China judicial cooperation. It includes a set of policy recommendations targeting policy makers and other stakeholders that have an interest in the deepening of EU-China legal and judicial cooperation.

Read the full EUPLANT Final Report [PDF 872KB].

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