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Dr Kolja Raube



Dr Kolja Raube is a senior member and research manager at the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies. He is Assistant Professor for European Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at KU Leuven. He is programme coordinator at KU Leuven’s ‘Master of European Studies: Transnational and Global Perspectives’. He is adjunct professor at the American University Washington D.C. (Brussels Campus) and visiting professor at Kobe University (Japan) as well as Visiting Research Fellow at the EU Studies Centre at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

At the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, he takes part in the H2020-project RECONNECT, the interdisciplinary research programme CONNECTIVITY, the Jean Monnet Network EUCROSS, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence FRAGOLA and the Jean-Monnet Module EUSUM ('Euro-Asia Summer School').



Kolja Raube has published widely on the European Parliament, interparliamentary cooperation in the European Union and global governance, as well as security policies, the rule of law, legitimacy and coherence in EU external action. His articles and chapters have appeared with the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Global Affairs, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Journal of European Integration, Politique Européenne, European Foreign Affairs Review, Hague Journal of Diplomacy, International Spectator, Asia-Europe Journal as well as Palgrave, Routledge, Hart and Nomos.

Kolja Raube’s recent publications include:

  • Hivonnet and K. Raube, ‘Good governance and the role of civil society organisations in reform processes and EU-China diplomatic relations’, in Jing Meng (ed.), The EU and China – Reform and Governance, Routledge, 2017;
  • Burnay, J. Hivonnet and K. Raube, ‘Bridging the EU-China’s gap on the Rule of Law?’ (2017) Asia Europe Journal, DOI 10.1007/s10308-015-0437-7;
  • Burnay, J. Hivonnet and K. Raube, ‘K. Soft Diplomacy and People-to-People Dialogue between the EU and the PRC: A Tool for a Truly Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, or Simply a Framework of Last Resort?’ (2014) in European Foreign Affairs Review, Vol. 19 (3/1), 35-55;
  • Raube and J. Wouters, ‘The Many Facets of Parliamentary Involvement and Interaction in EU External Relations’ (2017) in Davor Jancic (ed.), National Parliaments after the Lisbon Treaty and the Euro Crisis: Resilience or Resigation?, Oxford University Press; and
  • Raube, ‘The European External Action Service and the European Parliament’ (2017) in B. Tonra, R. Whitman and Y. Alasdair (eds.), SAGE Library of International Relations, Foreign Policy of the European Union, Chapt. Volume 1: Foundations and Design Sage.
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