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Professor Yuwen Li



Yuwen Li is a Professor of Chinese Law and the Director of the Erasmus China Law Centre at the Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She is also the Ambassador for China at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Yuwen Li’s area of expertise includes Chinese law in general, with a special focus on Chinese foreign investment law, judicial system in China, civil procedural law, and administrative litigations law. Her expertise also comprises international investment law, and investor-state dispute settlement, particularly arbitration and mediation. Her publication, which include monographs, edited books, and journal articles, covers topics such as the judicial system and reform in post-Mao China, comparing administrative litigation systems in China and Europe, anti-discrimination law in China and Europe, law-making and law-implementing practices in China, the EU-China cooperation in anti-commercial bribery, and China’s foreign investment law.

Yuwen Li has rich experience in giving guest lectures and tailored courses, and providing legal training in collaboration with outstanding Chinese universities and institutions. She has acted as the co-director of numerous external funded projects, in collaboration with top Chinese universities and renowned research institutions, such as Wuhan University, the China Law Society, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the National Judges’ College of the Supreme People’s Court, and Supreme People’s Procuratorate. In her most recent project, she is the director of the KNAW project titled ‘Reforming the Investor-State Dispute Settlement System: European and Chinese Perspectives’, in co-operation with Wuhan University, China since 2016.

Yuwen Li has rich experience in legal practice and legal consultancy. She is an arbitrator of the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration, China, an arbitrator of the Jinan Arbitration Commission, China, and an arbitrator of the International Arbitration Court in Ganjiang New District, Nanchang, China. She has provided legal consultancy and advice to the Dutch government and private companies in the Netherlands and China.

Yuwen Li is the Chairman and Co-Founder of the Netherlands China Law Association. In addition, she is a Member of the China Committee of Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW - Royal Netherlands Academy of Science), and a Member of the Royal Netherlands Society of International Law. She is the Chief Editor of Ashgate Series on the Rule of Law in China and Comparative Perspectives, and a member of the editorial board of the Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (Oxford University Press).

She holds a PhD in International Law in Utrecht University, the Netherlands; a L.L.M. in International Relations and International Law in the Institute of Social Studies, the Netherlands; and a LLB in Chinese Law in Peking University, China.



Yuwen Li’s recent publications include:

  • Li, The Judicial System and Reform in Post-Mao China: Stumbling Towards Justice (Farnham: Ashgate), 283pp;
  • Li (ed.), Administrative Litigation Systems in Greater China and Europe, (Farnham: Ashgate), 265pp;
  • Li, C. Bian, ‘A New Dimension of Foreign Investment Law in China – Evolution and Impacts of the National Security Review System’, Asia Pacific Law Review, Vol. 24, Issue 2, pp. 149-175;
  • Li, C. Bian, ‘Seeking the Rule of Law as the Common Goal: EU–China Cooperation in Combating Commercial Bribery’, in Mario Telo et al (eds.), Deepening the EU-China Partnership in an Unstable World: Bridging Institutional and Ideational Differences between Two Unprecedented Global Actors (London: Routledge), pp. 101-114;
  • Li, Judicial Independence in China: An Attainable Principle? Erasmus Law Lectures 27 (The Hague: Eleven International Publishing), 36pp; and
  • Li, ‘Lawyers in China: A "Flourishing" Profession in a Rapidly Changing Society?’ China Perspectives, Number 27, pp. 20-34.
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