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Educational Scholarship Centre

Miss Yixuan Zou


Room Number: Temporary Building, TB Ground


Dr. Yixuan Zou is a Lecturer in Digital Signal Processing at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). She also teaches on the Joint Programme (JP) between QMUL and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT).

She received the B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and the M.Sc. degree from Imperial College London, U.K., in 2017 and 2018, respectively. In 2022, she received her Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London. Her research interests include artificial intelligence (AI) for wireless communications, non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA), IRSs/RISs aided communications, and resource allocation for 6G networks. She is an academic Fellow at the Digital Environment Research Institute. She served as a Technical Program Committee member for IEEE VTC2023-Fall and a session chair for IEEE ICC 2023. She serves as the Local Management Officer of NGMA-ETI 1st QMUL 6G Workshop.



BBC6501 Final Year Project Co-coordinator

CBU5201 Machine Learning

EBU5376 Digital Signal Processing

EBU6018 Advanced Transform Methods 


2022 - 2023

EBU5376 Digital Signal Processing

EBU6018 Advanced Transform Methods

EBU4001 Personal Development Plan (PDP) 


Research Interests:

  • Meta Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
  • Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface


Full list of publications

Journal Articles (in Print/Press)

J4. J. Zuo, Y. Liu, C. Zhu, Y. Zou, D. Zhang and N. Al-Dhahir, "Exploiting NOMA and RIS in Integrated Sensing and Communication," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 72, no. 10, pp. 12941-12955, Oct. 2023 (IF: 6.24)
J3. Y. Zou, Y. Liu, X. Liu, X. Mu, X. Zhang, C. Yuen, “Machine Learning in RIS-assisted NOMA IoT Networks”, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, vol. 10, no. 22, pp. 19427-19440, Nov. 2023. (IF: 11.1)
J2. L. Guo, J. Jia, Y. Zou, Y. Liu, J. Chen, X. Wang, “Resource Allocation for Multiple RISs Assisted NOMA Empowered D2D Communication: A MAMP-DQN Approach”, Ad Hoc Networks, vol. 146, 2023
J1. Y. Xu, T. Zhang, Y. Zou, Y. Liu, “Reconfigurable Intelligence Surface Aided UAV-MEC Systems With NOMA”, IEEE Communication Letters, vol. 26, no. 9, pp. 2121-2125, Sept. 2022. (IF:4.46

Journal Articles (in Submission)

1. J. Chen, Z. Ma, Y. Zou, Y. Liu, J. Jia, X. Wang, “Joint Active and Passive Beamforming for EE Optimization in STAR-RIS assisted CoMP Systems”, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications; under revision.

Conference Proceedings (in Print/Press)

C7. Z. Wang, X. Mu, Y. Zou, and Y. Liu, "Near-Field Wideband Beamfocusing Optimization: A Heuristic Two-Stage Approach", in Proc. IEEE Global Communications Conf. (GLOBECOM'23), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 2023.
C6. Z. Wang, X. Mu, J. Xu, Y. Zou, and Y. Liu, "STARS for Spectral Efficiency in Wideband Terahertz Communications", in Proc. IEEE Global Communications Conf. (GLOBECOM'23), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 2023.
C5. Y. Zou, W. Yi, X. Xu, and Y. Liu, “Adaptive NGMA Scheme for Energy-limited Networks: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach”, in Proc. IEEE Int. Communications Conf. (ICC’23), Rome, Italy, June 2022. 
C4. X. Gao, Y. Zou, W. Yi, J. Xu, R. Liu and Y. Liu, "Multi-objective Optimization of Energy and Latency in URLLC-enabled Wireless VR Networks," 2022 International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS'22), Hangzhou, China, 2022, pp. 1-6.
C3. J. Chen, Z. Ma, Y. Zou, J. Jia, X. Wang, “DRL-based Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for STAR-RIS Assisted Coordinated Multi-cell Networks”, in Proc. IEEE Global Communications Conf. (GLOBECOM’22), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 2022. 
C2. Y. Zou, Y. Liu, K. Han, X. Liu, and K. K. Chai, “Meta-learning for RIS-assisted Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Networks”, in Proc. IEEE Global Communications Conf. (GLOBECOM’21), Madrid, Spain, December 2021. 
C1. Y. Zou, Z. Qin and Y. Liu, “Joint User Activity and Data Detection in Grant-Free NOMA using Generative Neural Networks,” in Proc. IEEE Int. Communications Conf. (ICC’21), Montreal, Canada, June 2021. 


PhD students at QMUL (Second Supervisor)
  • Mr. Meng Zhang, working on Next Generation Multiple Access, Sept. 2022 – present
  • Mr. Hsienchih Ting, working on AI in near field communication, Sept. 2023 - present
  • Mr. Hao Jiang, working on Near-Field Communications, Sept. 2023 - present

PhD students at QMUL (Independent Supervisor)

  • Mr. Gao Qian, working on Human Action Recognition, Sept. 2022 – present

Public Engagement

Session Chair


  • IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC): IoT Sensor Network Symposium

TPC Member


  • IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) Fall: Machine Learning and AI for Communications

Regular Reviewer

  • IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IoTJ)
  • IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (TWC)
  • IEEE Wireless Communications Letters (WCL)
  • Top International Conferences on Communications: IEEE GlobeCom, IEEE ICC, IEEE VTC
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