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Bake your PhD: Exploring Doctoral Journey Through Creative Baking

For three delightful days from 15 to 17 April 2024, 16 doctoral candidates displayed their research in edible form, captivating 40+ attendees.


Participants of the 'Bake your PhD' event proudly display their edible creations, each representing their unique research journeys.

Queen Mary Doctoral College recently hosted the "Bake your PhD" event across three campuses: Mile End, Whitechapel, and Charterhouse Square. The event saw 16 doctoral candidates captivating an audience of over 40 attendees with their research presented in edible forms.

Each participant brought their unique twist to the table, transforming their scholarly pursuits into delicious creations. Eleanor Keiller, a PhD student from the Wolfson Institute of Population Health, crafted a yeast-risen cake representing active ingredients explored in her research on dramatherapy. Adorned with an array of beautiful fruits, Eleanor's creation symbolised the diverse ways in which dramatherapy can be explored.

Another notable entry came from Antonella Maria Cristina Torrisi, a PhD student from Electronic Engineering, who created a cake showcasing her work on the affective state of chicks through communication with an artificial agent. Antonella's cake provided a visual representation of her research, highlighting the fascinating interplay between technology and animal behavior.

Additionally, Eisa Anwar  presented a robotic gingerbread creation exploring the effects of heavy lifting appliances. Through his innovative baking endeavor, Eisa demonstrated the practical applications of his research in robotics and engineering.

The esteemed judging panel, comprised Zi Parker, Tim Warner, Akram Alomainy, Tania Maffucci, Bryony Butland, Lucy Newman (Research Culture Officer), Helen Shaw, and Yunus Kutlu (Queen Mary Innovation) faced the delightful challenge of selecting winners based on taste, presentation, and innovation. Three winners were crowned, each receiving a £50 gift voucher. There were also some notable recommendations recognised for innovative approaches and culinary craftsmanship. 

As the event drew to a close, participants and attendees departed with full hearts and satisfied palates, enriched by the sweet taste of academic camaraderie. With such resounding success, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to host another event like this in the future.




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