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Data-Centric Engineering

What is Data-Centric Engineering?

Data-Centric Engineering sits at the interface of data science and engineering, combining mathematical modelling with the latest advances in big data and Artificial Intelligence.

Data-Centric Engineering has become a globally recognised academic discipline due to its establishment as a strategic research theme of the Alan Turing Institute, the UK's Institute for Data Science and AI.

Our Centre for Doctoral Training shares the Turing Institute's vision of Data-Centric Engineering. Our doctoral programme aims to equip cohorts of engineers with the research and data skills required to address the data-centric engineering needs of society and industry.

We have strong links with the Alan Turing Institute, and with their Data-Centric Engineering Programme. For example, our Scholars attended the Turing's DCEng Summit as part of their induction programme. 

Watch the short video below, produced by the Lloyd's Register Foundation, to learn more about Data-Centric Engineering

Listen to Prof Mark Girolami, former Programme Director for Data-Centric Engineering at the Turing Institute and Data-Centric Engineering's Editor-in-Chief, talk about Data-Centric Engineering

Data-Centric Engineering is an open access journal which publishes research at the intersection of data science and a broad range of engineering subjects. 

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