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School of Business and Management

Jeffery Bondzie

 Jeffery Bondzie


Jeffery is a current PhD student at the School of Business and Management at QMUL. His research interest is in corporate finance. Prior to joining QMUL, he graduated from the University of Stirling and University of Cape Coast where he studied for his MSc Finance (Distinction) and Business Management degree respectively. Jeffery has corporate experience working with multinational firms in the mining (Golden Star Resources), sales (TATA Africa Holdings) and financial services (First Atlantic Bank Ghana Ltd) industry.


Project Description

Title: Corporate Restructuring and Crisis

My research focuses on how corporate restructurings specifically mergers and acquisitions are affected by crises such as Covid-19. As trust in public firms and business tend to decline during periods of crises and pandemics, some studies do suggest that firms that demonstrate strong corporate cultures through corporate social responsibilities as proxy get rewarded from investors. In my chapters, I aim to find empirically, the effects of Information Asymmetry from the perspective of the principal-agent relationship on mergers and acquisitions during crises and whether similarities in corporate culture of firms enhances post-merger value and growth.


1st Supervisor: Professor Gulnur Muradoglu
2nd Supervisor: Dr Ni Peng


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