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School of Business and Management

Aparna Pasumarthy

 Aparna Pasumarthy


Project title

Striving to thrive: An exploratory qualitative study of lived experiences, career trajectories, and adaptive strategies of Indian professional/managerial women.

Project description

Aparna‚Äôs research is inter-disciplinary and draws from the disciplines of management, sociology, and psychology. Her doctoral thesis explores the intricacies between gender, structures,  individual identity, and career advancement in the context of India. She studies the lived experiences of professional Indian women primarily in multinational organisations, and focuses on the adaptive strategies women develop to navigate through and advance within their careers. With a view to develop a deeper understanding of social realities, Aparna primarily uses qualitative research methods, and enjoys learning about the lives of individuals. At Queen Mary, Aparna is associated with the Centre for Research on Equality and Diversity.


1st Supervisor: Professor Gill Kirton
2nd Supervisor: Dr Andromachi Athanasopoulou


Aparna studied accounting and finance as an undergraduate in Hyderabad, India, minoring in international business. Her interest in multinational corporations, globalisation, and managing across cultures led to her pursuing a postgraduate degree in international management at the University of Bath. Capitalising on her interest in culture, ethics, gender, and careers, Aparna aspires to help construct equitable organisational environments where all individuals can thrive. To enhance her expertise, and conduct research in the aforementioned fields, Aparna started her doctoral studies at the School of Business and Management, QMUL in 2019. Apart from her professional interests, Aparna is passionate about increasing access to higher education, living sustainably, and conserving the environment.

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