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Learning to Love the Taxman - Transforming a big public service

1 December 2014

Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm
Venue: Room 4.04/08, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus, London E1 4NS

Sir Nicholas Montagu, Former Chairman of the Inland Revenue, 1997 - 2004

Sir Nicholas Montagu was head of the Inland revenue (the direct tax agency of government, now part of Her Majesty's revenue and Customs, following a subsequent merger with the customs agency) during the greatest changes in its two hundred year history, as it became a social as well as regulatory department, responsible for what had previously been welfare benefits; and also as government moved to catch up with the radical developments taking place in technology. As well as redefining the agency's mission, Sir Nicholas masterminded a change in its culture to make it more outward-facing and responsive to the needs of taxpayers and claimants. In his talk he will describe the challenges of managing these major changes in a large government department.

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