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Queen Mary Summer School

Managing Diversity in Business: Creating and Leading Inclusive Organisations

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Academic Lead: Dr Maria Adamson

Syllabus: SUM502A_Managing_Diversity_in_Business:_Creating_and_Leading_Inclusive_Organisations [PDF 110KB]

Why is diversity good for businesses? What can leaders do to make their organisations more inclusive? This module will explore these and other questions by introducing students to a range of theories and practical issues relevant to managing diversity in contemporary organisations. Students will learn why inclusion matters, how diversity relates to business and organisational success, and explore case studies related to different dimensions of diversity like gender, age, race and so on. We will then discuss various theories that help us understand why diversity and inclusion issues continue to persist in organisations and the labour market. For instance, why are some professions continue to be male- or female dominated? Where does gender pay gap comes from? Can recruitment be unbiased? The module will then explore how to apply theory to practice and explore how to design and deliver effective diversity initiatives in organisations and consider the role of managers and leaders in fostering organisational inclusion. 

Course content is subject to change.

Course aims

The aims of the module are to introduce theoretical perspectives relating to equality and diversity in work and employment and understand how these can be applied in practice to help create and lead inclusive organisational workplaces. The module will examine the nature of informal and formal processes in the labour market and in organisations which generate and perpetuate various inequalities and influence the provision and effectiveness of equality and diversity policy initiatives. In addition, the module will explore the role of organisational leadership in creating diverse culture as well as the role of equality and diversity policies and practices in the achievement of organisational and business goals, aiming to quip students with skills to advise on the design and delivery of effective diversity initiatives in organisations.

Teaching and learning

You will be taught through a combination of lectures, seminars and field trips. 

Learning outcomes

You will be able to:

  • identify key dimensions of diversity and contributions that workforce diversity can make to organizations
  • explain and critically evaluate a range of core theories explaining organizational and labour market inequalities 
  • formulate appropriate strategies for overcoming discrimination and inequalities in organisational workplace 
  • construct and deliver coherent and persuasive argument orally and in writing
  • work collaboratively in a diverse group
  • formulate and justify practical recommendations for organizational actors

You will gain:

  • the ability to think critically and independently
  • the ability to evaluate the sources of information and data
  • the ability to communicate effectively


Additional costs

All reading material will be provided online, so it is not necessary to purchase any books.

You will be required to pay your travel costs to and from any field trips.

For course and housing fees visit our finance webpage

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

We welcome Summer School students from around the world. We accept a range of qualifications

How to apply

Have a question? Get in touch - one of the team will be happy to help!

Applications close 24 May 2024


Teaching dates
Session 1: 1 July - 18 July 2024
Course hours
150 hours (of which 45 will be contact hours)
Essay (80%) In-class presentation (20%)

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