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Joseph Priestley Building

The Joseph Priestley building is home to our chemical scientists. We recently invested £5.2 million into its refurbishment and a new undergraduate teaching lab. The result is a cutting-edge learning and teaching space with 30 fume cupboards, a new teaching zone and benching for modern equipment.

Lab work is integral to chemical sciences, and we provide exceptional facilities which support and enhance your practical learning and which will give you a taste of taste of the sort of environments you could be working in after university. The design is based on commercial laboratories, meaning you’ll have an extra layer of preparation for the next stage of your career.

Some of our programmes may offer you the chance to undertake a research project. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop and nurture research skills which can be applied across a number of career paths. Students who choose to do a research project will conduct their research in the same laboratories as our senior academic researchers.

We offer a comprehensive range of facilities to support research activity, including:

  • a mass spectrometry lab
  • microscopy facility
  • NMR facility
  • informatics resources
  • genomics facility
  • protein purification facility
  • transmission electron microscopy (TEM).
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