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Student Experience Directorate

Free campus facilities

Please expand the headers below to see information on free campus facilities:

Mile end (Bicycle parking)

  • Geography: Behind Geography (Library Square side)
  • G O Jones: Library Square
  • Students' Union Hub: Opposite Arts 1
  • Peter Landin: Front of building (Cemetery side)
  • Varey House: Student Village
  • Westfield Way: Arts 1
  • Housing Hub: Behind building
  • Residences Reception: Front
  • France House: Student Village
  • Library Square: Side of Bancroft building
  • Fogg: Graduate Square
  • Bancroft Road: Bancroft Teaching Room
  • Godward Square: Qmotion


Whitechapel (Bicycle parking)

  • Garrod Building: Front of building
  • Library: Side of building
  • Blizard: Goods yard at rear


Charterhouse Square (Bicycle parking)

  • Various points around Rutland Place


Lincoln's Inn Field (Bicycle parking)

  • Lincoln's Inn: Within main square

Mile end (charging points)

  • Graduate Centre: Ground floor
  • Qmotion: Main Gym
  • Canalside: Ground floor
  • G O Jones: The Hive
  • Library: Ground floor x 2


Whitechapel (charging points)

  • Garrod Building: Ground floor, Student Common room
  • Library: Ground floor


West Smithfield (charging points)

  • Library: Ground floor

Queen Mary students can borrow DELL laptops from the self-service machine located on the ground floor at both Mile End and Whitechapel Library.

Mile end (Microwave ovens)

  • Students' Union Hub: Ground floor
  • Students' Union Shop: Bancroft Road Ground floor (for food bought in the SU shop)


Whitechapel (Microwave ovens)

  • Garrod: Ground floor Student Common Room


Charterhouse Square (Microwave ovens)

  • The Shield


Lincoln's Inn (Microwave ovens)

  • Lincoln's Inn: Ground floor kitchen

Mile End (Showers)

  • Arts 1: Ground floor Drama rooms 1 & 2
  • Fogg: 6th floor Shower room, Ground floor Male Shower
  • Francis Bancroft: 5th floor Shower room (unavailable due to building work)
  • Geography: Ground floor Occupational Health Shower
  • G O Jones: Lower ground Female WC Shower & Shower
  • Graduate Centre: 5th floor West Female Showers 1, 2 & Accessible Shower, 4th floor west Male Showers 1, 2 & Accessible Shower, 3rd floor west Female Shower, 2nd floor west Male Shower, 1st floor west Female Shower
  • Qmotion: Male & Female Changing rooms in corridor
  • Joseph Priestley: 1st floor Shower room 1.16
  • People's Palace: 3rd floor Tower Block Shower, Ground floor
  • Peter Landin: 2nd floor Female Showers x 6, 1st floor Accessible Shower, 1st floor Male Changing Showers x 7, Basement Male Changing Showers x 4, Basement Female Changing Showers x 4
  • Queens': Basement South Ladies Showers x 4


Whitechapel (showers)

  • Blizard: Ground floor Male & Female Showers
  • BLSU: Basement Male & Female Showers


Charterhouse Square (showers)

  • John Vane: 4th floor Central Staircase
  • Joseph Rotblat: 1st floor
  • William Harvey: Ground floor Unisex x 2
  • Wolfson Institute: Ground floor Male & Female Toilets
  • Dawson Hall: Ground floor Gym x 3 (unisex + 1 accessible), Ground floor north Showers x 2 & Accessible Shower, Basement South Female Showers x 2 & Male Shower x 1

Mile end (water coolers)

  • Arts 1: Ground floor
  • Arts 2: Ground floor
  • Engineering: Ground floor, 2nd floor
  • Hive/Nest: Ground to 1st floors
  • Graduate Centre: 1st to 5th floors
  • Francis Bancroft: Ground to 4th floors
  • ITL: 1st floor
  • Joseph Priestley: 1st floor
  • Fogg: Ground floor
  • Laws: Ground floor
  • Maths: Lower ground
  • Queens': Ground floor
  • People's Palace: Ground floor
  • Library: Ground to 2nd floors
  • Qmotion Gym: Lower Ground, Ground floor, Main corridor
  • Gym Women's: Corridor


Whitechapel (water coolers)

  • Blizard: Ground floor
  • BLSU: Ground floor
  • Garrod: Ground floor


West Smithfield (water coolers)

  • Robin Brook Centre: Ground & 3rd floors


Charterhouse Square (water coolers)

  • John Vane Science Centre: Ground floor


Lincoln's Inn (water coolers)

  • Lincoln's Inn Fields: All floors
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