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List of Abbreviations

A list of the abbreviations used by Charles Surman for his index cards.

100 years Peel, Albert, These Hundred Years. A History of the Congregational Union of England and Wales, 1831-1931 (London, 1931)
200 Peel, Albert, The Congregational Two Hundred, 1530-1948 (London, 1948)
AA Stephens, Thomas (ed.), Album Aberhonddu neu gofeb-lyfr darluniadol, yn cynwys byr-gofiantau, a 267 o ddarluniau o’r myfyrwyr, a barotowyd i’r weinidogaeth Annibynol yn y Fenni, Croesoswallt, Gwrecsam, Llanfyllin, Drefnewydd ac Aberhonddu, o’r flwyddyn 1755 hyd 1880 (Merthyr Tydfil, 1898)

[Brecon Album or an illustrated memorial book, containing short biographies, and 267 illustrations of the students, who were trained for the Independent ministry at Abergavenny, Oswestry, Wrexham, Llanfyllin, Newtown and Brecon, from the year 1755 to 1880].

AC Venn, John, and Venn, J. A., Alumni Cantabrigienses: a Biographical List of All Known Students, Graduates and Holders of Office at the University of Cambridge, from the Earliest Times to 1900, 2 pts in 10 vols. (Cambridge, 1922-54)
ACQ American Congregational Quarterly (1859-78)
ACYB The American Congregational Year Book (1855-59)
AG Gordon, Alexander, Freedom after Ejection: a Review (1690-1692) of Presbyterian and Congregational Nonconformity in England and Wales (Manchester, 1917)
AGcc Gordon, Alexander, Cheshire Classis Minutes 1691-1745 (London, 1919)
AGM Matthews, A. G., The Congregational Churches of Staffordshire: with Some Account of the Puritans, Presbyterians, Baptists and Quakers in the County during the 17th Century (London, 1924)
AO Foster, Joseph, Alumni Oxonienses: the Members of the University of Oxford 1500-1714: their Parentage, Birthplace, and Year of Birth, with a Record of their Degrees being the Matriculation Register of the University, 4 vols. (Oxford, 1891-2); Alumni Oxonienses. . . 1715-1886, 4 vols. (Oxford, 1887-8)
B & B Bogue, David and Bennett, James, History of Dissenters, from the Revolution in 1688, to the Year 1808, 4 vols. (London, 1808-12)
Barclay Barclay, Robert, The Inner Life of the Religious Societies of the Commonwealth, 2nd edn (London, 1877)
Barker Barker, J. T., Congregationalism in Lincolnshire (London, 1860)
BHST Transactions of the Baptist Historical Society (continued as Baptist Quarterly)
Bosher Bosher, Robert S., The Making of the Restoration Settlement (London, 1951)
BQ Baptist Quarterly
Browne Browne, John, History of Congregationalism and Memorials of the Churches in Norfolk and Suffolk (London, 1877)
Burrage Burrage, Champlin, The Early English Dissenters in the Light of Recent Research(Cambridge, 1912)
Calamy Calamy, Edmund, An Historical Account of My Own Life, with Some Reflections on the Times I have Lived in, 1671-1731, ed. J. T. Rutt (London, 1829)
CES Charles Surman’s personal notes
CHST Transactions of the Congregational Historical Society (1901-72)
Cleal Cleal, E. E., The Story of Congregationalism in Surrey (London, 1908)
CM The Congregational Magazine (1818-45)
Coleman Coleman, Thomas, Memorials of the Independent Churches in Northamptonshire(London, 1853)
CQ Congregational Quarterly (1925-58)
CR Matthews, A. G., Calamy Revised: Being a Revision of Edmund Calamy’s Account of the Ministers and Others Ejected and Silenced, 1660-2 (Oxford, 1934)
CSPD Calendar State Papers Domestic
CUSA Ferguson, G. P., The Congregational Union of South Africa (Paarl, 1940)
C & W Nightingale, B., The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland and Westmorland, their Predecessors and Successors (Manchester, 1911)
CYB Congregational Year Book (1846-1972)
Dale Dale, R. W., History of English Congregationalism (London, 1907
Davids Davids, T. W., Annals of Evangelical Nonconformity in Essex (London, 1863)
Dexter Dexter, Henry Martyn, The Congregationalism of the Last Three Hundred Years, as Seen in its Literature, 2 vols. (Boston, MA, 1863)
DNB Dictionary of National Biography, 63 vols. (1885–1900), suppl., 3 vols. (1901), 10 further suppls. (1912–96). The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, ed. Colin Matthew and Brian Harrison, 60 vols. (Oxford University Press, 2004) and online at, has been published since Surman constructed his index and should also be consulted.
D & O Densham, W. and Ogle, J., The Story of The Congregational Churches of Dorset (Bournemouth, 1899)
Drysdale Drysdale, A. H., History of the Presbyterians in England: Their Rise, Decline and Revival (London, 1889
DWL Dr Williams’s Library
EM The Evangelical Magazine (1794-1900)
Evans Evans, John, ‘List of Dissenting Congregations and Ministers in England and Wales, 1715-17, with additions to 1729’, DWL, MS 38.4
FMG Hunter, Joseph, Familiae minorum gentium, ed. John W. Clay, 4 vols., Harleian Society, 37-40 (London, 1894-96)
GEE Evans, George Eyre, Vestiges of Protestant Dissent (Liverpool, 1897)
GFN Information from Dr G. F. Nuttall
GLT Turner, G. Lyon, Original Records of Early Nonconformity under Persecution and Indulgence, 3 vols. (London, 1911-14)
Haller Haller, William, The Rise of Puritanism (New York, 1938)
Halley Halley, Robert, Lancashire: its Puritanism and Nonconformity, 2 vols. (Manchester, 1869)
Hanbury Hanbury, Benjamin, Historical Memorials Relating to the Independents or Congregationalists: from their Rise to the Restoration of the Monarchy, A.D. 1660, 3 vols. (London, 1839-44)
Hanes Rees, Thomas, and Thomas, John, Hanes Eglwysi Annibynol Cymru, 4 vols. (Liverpool, 1871-75)

[History of the Independent Churches of Wales]

Hosken Hosken, T. J., History of Congregationalism and Memorials of the Churches of Our Order in Suffolk (Ipswich, 1920)
JAJ Jones, J. A., Bunhill Memorials: Sacred Reminiscences of Three Hundred Ministers and other Persons of Note, Who are Buried in Bunhill Fields (London, 1849)
Jeremy Jeremy, Walter D., The Presbyterian Fund and Dr Daniel Williams’s Trust: With Biographical Notes of the Trustees and Some Account of their Academies, Scholarships and Schools (London, 1885)
JOS Information from Rev. J. Oliver Stephens of Carmarthen
Knappen Knappen, M. M., Tudor Puritanism: a Chapter in the History of Idealism (Chicago, 1939)
LCD London Congregational Directory
L & R Haller, William, Liberty and Reformation in the Puritan Revolution (New York, 1955)
L & TCH [Seymour, A. C. H.], The Life and Times of Selina, Countess of Huntingdon, 2 vols. (London, 1839-40)
Lovett Lovett, Richard, The History of the London Missionary Society, 1795-1895, 2 vols. (London, 1899)
Lysons Lysons, Daniel, The Environs of London, being an Historical Account of the Towns, Villages and Hamlets within Twelve Miles of that Capital, 2nd edn (London, 1820)
McLachlan McLachlan, H., English Education under the Test Acts: being the History of the Nonconformist Academies, 1662–1820 (Manchester, 1931)
Martyrs Peel, Albert, The Noble Army of Congregational Martyrs (London, 1948)
Masson Masson, David, The Life of John Milton; Narrated in Connexion with the Political, Ecclesiastical, and Literary History of his Time, 7 vols. (London, 1859-80; 2nd edn, 1881-94)
MAUG Addison, W. Innes, The Matriculation Albums of the University of Glasgow from 1728 to 1858 (Glasgow, 1913)
Miall Miall, J. G., Congregationalism in Yorkshire: A Chapter of Modern Church History(London, 1868)
MR Monthly Repository (1806-38)
Murch Murch, Jerom, A History of the Presbyterian and General Baptist Churches in the West of England (London, 1835)
N & A Nicholson, Francis and Axon, Ernest, The Older Nonconformity in Kendal: a History of the Unitarian Chapel in the Market Place, with Transcripts of the Registers and Notices of the Nonconformist Academies of Richard Frankland, M.A., and Caleb Rotheram, D.D. (Kendal, 1915)
Nightingale Nightingale, B., Lancashire Nonconformity, or, Sketches, Historical & Descriptive, of the Congregational and Old Presbyterian Churches in the County (Manchester, 1890-93)
NPR Lists of Non-parochial Registers and Records in the Custody of the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages (London, 1859) [list of nonconformist registers deposited with the Registrar General in 1838 or 1858]
Nuttall [HS] Nuttall, G. F., The Holy Spirit in Puritan Faith and Experience (Oxford, 1946)
Nuttall [VS] Nuttall, G. F., Visible Saints: the Congregational Way, 1640-1660 (Oxford, 1957)
Nuttall [WS] Nuttall, G. F., The Welsh Saints, 1640-1660: Walter Cradock, Vavasor Powell, Morgan Llwyd (Cardiff, 1957)
OCC Jones, Evan Pan, Oriel Coleg Presbyteraidd Caerfyrddin. (Presbyterian College, Carmarthen.) Yn cynwys hanes yr holl fyfyrwyr fu yn y coleg o 1796 hyd 1899 (Merthyr Tydfil, 1909)

[Gallery of the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen. Including the history of all the students who were at the college from 1796 to 1899]

PDM The Protestant Dissenter’s Magazine
Peel Peel, Albert (ed.), The Seconde Parte of a Register: being a Calendar of Manuscripts under that Title intended for Publication by the Puritans about 1593, and now in Dr. Williams’s Library, London, 2 vols. (Cambridge, 1915)
Pike Pike, G. H., Ancient Meeting-Houses; or, Memorial Pictures of Nonconformity in Old London (London, 1870)
Powicke Powicke, Frederick J., A History of the Cheshire County Union of Congregational Churches, Prepared to Commemorate its Centenary, 1806-1906 (Manchester, 1907)
PR Parish Register
RFC Notes of the Rev. R. G. F. Calder
Richards Richards, Thomas, A History of the Puritan Movement in Wales from the Institution of the Church at Llanfaches in 1639 to the Expiry of the Propagation Act in 1653(London, 1920)

Richards, Thomas, Religious Developments in Wales, 1654-1662 (London, 1923)

Richards, Thomas, Wales under the Penal Code, 1662-1687 (London, 1925)

Richards, Thomas, Wales under the Indulgence, 1672-1675 (London, 1928)

Robinson Robinson, W. G., A History of the Lancashire Congregational Union, 1806-1956(Manchester, 1955)
Ross Ross, James, A History of Congregational Independency in Scotland (Glasgow, 1900)
S & C Sibree, John and Caston, Moses, Independency in Warwickshire; a Brief History of the Independent or Congregational Churches in that County; containing Biographical Notices of their Pastors (Coventry, 1855)
Shaw Shaw, W. A., A History of the English Church during the Civil Wars and under the Commonwealth, 1640-1660, 2 vols. (London, 1900)
Sibree London Missionary Society, A Register of Missionaries, Deputations, etc., from 1796 to 1923, ed. James Sibree (London, 1923)
Small Small, Robert, History of the Congregations of the United Presbyterian Church from 1733 to 1900, 2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1904)
Smith Smith, Harold, The Ecclesiastical History of Essex under the Long Parliament and Commonwealth (Colchester, [1932])
Steven Steven, William, The History of the Scottish Church, Rotterdam. To which are Subjoined Notices of the other British Churches in the Netherlands; and a Brief View of the Dutch Ecclesiastical Establishment (Edinburgh, 1832)
Stribling Stribling, S. B., History of the Wilts and East Somerset Congregational Union, for the Century after its Commencement, 1797-1897 (1897)
Summers Summers, W. H., History of the Congregational Churches in the Berks, South Oxon and South Bucks Association, with Notes on the Earlier Nonconformist History of the District (Newbury, 1905)
Surman Surman, C. E. (ed.), The Register-Booke of the Fourth Classis in the Province of London, 1646-59. Transcribed from the Original MS, Publications of the Harleian Society: Registers, 82-3 (London, 1953)
Toulmin Toulmin, Joshua, An Historical View of the State of the Protestant Dissenters in England, and of the Progress of Free Enquiry and Religious Liberty, from the Revolution to the Accession of Queen Anne (Bath, 1814)
TSJ James, T. S., The History of the Litigation and Legislation Respecting Presbyterian Chapels and Charities in England and Ireland Between 1816 and 1849 (London and Birmingham, 1869)
TUHS Transactions of the Unitarian Historical Society
TWD See Davids
URHSJ The Journal of the United Reformed Church History Society
(Cheshire) Urwick, W., Historical Sketches of Nonconformity in the County Palatine of Chester. By Various Ministers and Laymen in the County (Manchester, [1864])
(Herts) Urwick, W., Nonconformity in Herts. Being Lectures upon the Non-Conforming Worthies of St. Albans, and Memorials of Puritanism and Nonconformity in all the Parishes of the County of Hertford (London, 1884)
(Worcs) Urwick, W. jun., Nonconformity in Worcester, with an Account of the Congregational Church Meeting in Angel Street Chapel (London, 1897)
Wadd Waddington, John, Surrey Congregational History (London, 1866)
(Dales) Whitehead, Thomas, History of the Dales Congregational Churches (Keighley, 1930)
(Nidd) Whitehead, Thomas, Illustrated Guide to Nidderdale and a History of its Congregational Churches (Keighley, 1932)
Whitley Whitley, W. T., A Baptist Bibliography: Being a Register of the Chief Materials for Baptist History, whether in Manuscript or in Print, preserved in Great Britain, Ireland, and the Colonies, 2 vols. (London, 1916)
Wing Wing, Donald, Short-Title Catalogue of Books printed in England, Scotland, Ireland. . . 1641-1700, 3 vols. (New York, 1945-51)
WJE Walter Jenkins Evans’ annotated list of students at the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen, National Library of Wales, MSS 10325-10330B
WW Walter Wilson, The History and Antiquities of Dissenting Churches and Meeting Houses, in London, Westminster, and Southwark; including the Lives of their Ministers, from the Rise of Nonconformity to the Present Time. 4 vols. (London, 1808-14)
WWiC Who’s Who in Congregationalism (1932) [often unreliable]
WWiFC Who’s Who in the Free Church (1951)
WR Matthews, A. G., Walker Revised: being a Revision of John Walker’s Sufferings of the. Clergy during the Grand Rebellion, 1642–60 (Oxford, 1948) [as this carries full references to John Walker’s Sufferings of the Clergy during the Grand Rebellion (1714) direct references to the latter are rarely given by Surman].



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