School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Dr Ewan Main


Lecturer, Deputy Director of Student Experience

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 7012
Room Number: Room: 4.38, Fogg Building


Research Interests:

Ewan is a biochemist whose research area is in biochemistry/molecular biophysics and in particular the folding, design and molecular interactions of proteins.

At present his group is focusing on an exciting and ubiquitous family of proteins known as repeat proteins. These have novel repetitive and elongated folds (composed of repeating modules of approximately 30 a.a.) that are radically different from globular proteins. This modular nature has enabled repeat proteins to evolve into molecular recognition scaffolds which mediate a host of critical protein-protein interactions.

The combination of non-globular fold and simplistic architecture makes repeat proteins exciting new motifs to study folding, design and molecular interactions. As such, Ewan and his group are interested in exploiting their properties as synthetic interaction components and as model systems for protein folding and design.

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