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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Dr Chris Faulkes


Reader in Evolutionary Ecology and Foundation Programme Coordinator

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 7004
Room Number: Room 5.22, Fogg building


Dr Chris Faulkes is the Director of the Science and Engineering Foundation Programme.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Ecology (Field Course) (BIO123)
  • Practical Molecular and Cellular Biology (Tutorials) (BIO190)
  • Practical Biology (Tutorials) (BIO192)
  • Reproductive and Developmental Biology (BIO337)
  • Behavioural Ecology (BIO311)
  • Mammals and Evolution (BIO331)
  • Form and Function in Biology (SEF031)

Postgraduate Teaching

Teaching on our Ecology and Evolutionary Biology MSc and Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics MSc:

  • Research Frontiers in Evolutionary Biology (BIO731P)


Research Interests:

Molecular ecology - Social evolution in cooperatively-breeding mammals

My research interests broadly fall into mammalian evolution and, in particular, the evolution and maintenance of social and reproductive behaviour. This involves a multidisciplinary approach encompassing the fields of molecular ecology, molecular phylogenetics, reproductive physiology and behaviour.

My specific study animals have focussed mainly on the African mole-rats of the family Bathyergidae, with some work also on a cooperatively breeding South American primate, the common marmoset monkey. Some other current research projects involve the molecular ecology of Round Island petrels in Mauritius (with Professor Richard Nichols at QMUL), and studies of Island populations of voles around the UK (with Professor John Gurnell at QMUL).

Research department



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