School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

The Wills Lecture with Frank Uhlmann

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Dr Frank Uhlmann, Francis Crick Institute

15 February 2019

Time: 12:30 - 1:30pm
Speaker: Dr Frank Uhlmann, Francis Crick Institute
Venue: Room 2.40, Bancroft Building

In this Wills Lecture, Dr Frank Uhlmann of Francis Crick Institute will deliver a talk on ‘From DNA to Chromosomes – the role and function of SMC proteins'.

In 2000, he established a research laboratory at what was then the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London. He has remained there ever since, while the institute became part of Cancer Research UK (the London Research Institute) and now the Francis Crick Institute. His work on chromosome segregation was recognised with the EMBO Gold Medal in 2006. His group are currently studying how cells organise and separate their DNA when they divide, and finding out how mistakes in this process underpin human disease.

This lecture is open to all.