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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Professor Ray Bonnett

Emeritus Professor of Organic Chemistry



Previous positions

1957-8 Salters’ Fellow, Cambridge. 

1958-9 Research Fellow, Harvard 

1959-61 Assistant Professor, Chemistry, UBC, Canada 

1961-94 Lecturer, Reader, Professor of Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Queen Mary College, later QMW, University of London 

1982-87 Head of Chemistry Department, Queen Mary College 

1994-2000 Scotia Research Professor 

1994- present position 

Professional memberships

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. 
  • Member of the Biochemical Memberships: Society, the American Chemical Society, the Tetrapyrrole Discussion Group (Chairman 1996-2000), the Royal Institution.


Research Interests:

Field of interest: Chemistry and biochemistry of porphyrins , metalloporphyrins and related compounds. About 250 publications to date. 

Keywords: Porphyrin, chlorin, bilin, corrin, phthalocyanine. Haem, chlorophyll, bile pigments and vitamin B12. Heterocyclic chemistry; metal complexes. Synthesis, structure, reactivity, spectroscopy, photochemistry, geochemistry in this series. Photosensitisation, especially in relation to medical applications ( eg tumour phototherapy, and other phototherapies) and photomicrobicidal activity, especially in relation to smart packaging and water photodisinfection. 

Collaborative work::especially on biological, clinical, photophysical and molecular electronic aspects in UK and in Europe. In the past, the major international collaborations have been with Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia and Spain. 

Research highlights 

Vitamin B12 - Structure – chemistry (publications 1, 3- PhD work with AR Todd and Alan Johnson); early review (14); cobyric acid preparation (51 - Godfrey, Redman); neovitamin B12 structure (61- Godfrey, Math, Evans). 

Chlorophyll a Synthesis – postdoc work with RB Woodward (8). At the request of Harvard, the full paper was written up by me (with the assistance of Aslam Galia, Diana Garside, and Asun Vallés) at the Chemistry Department, Queen Mary, 30 years later with the support of the Maxwell Foundation. (8a).

Porphyrin Reactivity – electrophilic meso-substitution (26, 48, 158 - Stephenson, Gale, Dimsdale, Andrews, Appelman); radical substitution (88 - McDonagh, Cornell); reactions of metal complexes (72 –Dimsdale); protiodevinylation (93 – Campion-Smith); discovery of porphyrin N-oxides (127 – Ridge, Appelman, Andrews); synthesis of opp-dibenzoporphyrins (220 – McManus); 2,3-dioxo-2,3-secochlorin system (222 – Adams, Burke, Salgado, Vallés). 

Haem Catabolism – oxidative cleavage of haem system - the four isomeric biliverdins (75 McDonagh). 

Bile Pigment Chemistry – acid-catalysed scrambling of bilirubin isomers (56, McDonagh, Hamzehtash, Buckley); photo-oxidation of bilirubin to give propentdyopent adducts (81, 89 - Stewart); first X-ray crystal structure analysis of bilirubin IXα (101 – Hursthouse, Neidle, Davies, Sheldrick); substitution and addition reactions of bilindiones (125– Bonfiglio, Hamzehtash, Trotter); propentdyopent adduct structure & chemistry (148, 161 – Dimsdale, Ioannou, Stephenson, Vallés). 

Organic Geochemistry – metalloporphyrins in coals and lignites (116, reviewed in 221 – Czechowski, Burke, Dewey, Latos-Grazynski, Ioannou, Shukina). 

Nitrosation – of tryptophan derivatives (113 – Holleyhead, Ooi, Venitt); of porphyrins and haems (103, 112 – Charalambides, Nicolaidou, Martin, Trotter, Sales); 

Isoindoles – by pyrrole self-condensation (44 – JD White, Bender); metallo tetrabenzporphyrins from isoindole precursors (58, 66 – Bender, RG Smith); first synthesis of parent isoindole (65, 78 -RFC Brown, RG Smith); chemistry & review (118, 128 – North, Newton); 

Photoreactions – photobilirubin II (120 - Stoll, Gray); photomicrobicidal materials (192, 247 – Galia, Saville, Krysteva); photobleaching of porphyrins & chlorins (233, 238 , review 237 - Martinez). 

Chemical Aspects of Photodynamic Therapy – chemistry of Haematoporphyrin Derivative HpD (119 – Berenbaum, Ridge, Scourides); bioactivity of HpD components, and proposal that dimers/oligomers were active component (124 – Berenbaum, Scourides); discovery of efficient tumour photosensitisation by m-THPC [FOSCAN®] (163, 202, 236 – Berenbaum, RD White, Winfield, Djelal, Hawkes, Truscott, Nguyen; reviews/book 164, 213, 244/ 235); amphiphilicity (184). RSC George and Christine Sosnovsky Award 2012. 

Miscellaneous – synthesis of chlorobactene (19) and structure of fucoxanthin (46- Weedon principal investigator). Ultraviolet absorption and CD of unconjugated azomethines (22). Porphyrins of oral bacteria (106 – Shah, Mateen, Williams) and medusae (108 – Head, Herring).


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