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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Dr Pavel Kratina


Senior Lecturer in Ecology

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 6629
Room Number: Room 6.03, Fogg Building

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Practical Molecular and Cellular Biology (Tutorials) (BIO190)
  • Practical Biology (Tutorials) (BIO192)
  • Research Methods and Communication (Tutorial) (BIO209)
  • Ecological Interactions (BIO293)
  • Research Methods and Communication II (Tutorials) (BIO309)
  • Climate Change and Conservation Challenges (BIO343)
  • Ecological Interactions I (BIO234)
  • Ecological Interactions II (BIO294)

Postgraduate Teaching

Teaching on our Aquatic Ecology by Reserch MScEcology and Evolutionary Biology MSc and Freshwater and Marine Ecology MSc:

  • Ecosystem Structure and Functioning (BIO737P)

Teaching on our Aquatic Ecology by Reserch MSc and Freshwater and Marine Ecology MSc:

  • Quantitative Techniques for Surveying and Monitoring in Ecology (BIO795P)


Research Interests:

I am a population and community ecologist. My research evaluates the roles of climate warming, foraging behavior, and other organismal traits on the diversity, structure, and dynamics of aquatic food webs and ecosystems.

I seek to develop a mechanistic understanding of processes that control species diversity and its consequences for ecosystem function and services.

This work spans a range of approaches to testing ecological hypotheses, including manipulative experiments, mechanistic modelling, and integrative analysis of large-scale data from diverse aquatic ecosystems.

Research department


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