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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Professor Keith Brocklehurst




Research Interests:

Mechanism-targeted kinetic studies on enzymes and catalytic antibodies

Structure-function and mechanistic studies on enzymes and catalytic antibodies, principally by stopped-flow kinetic, protein chemical, protein engineering, and computational techniques; mathematical analysis of kinetic phenomena, particularly pH-dependence and optimal kinetic characteristics of catalysis.

Particular emphasis on natural and engineered variation in the cysteine proteinase superfamily and the design, synthesis and use of two-protonic-state time-dependent inhibitors as reactivity probes and thionoester substrates as detectors of covalent intermediates and conformational isomers; dependence of catalytic site chemistry on molecular recognition interactions, electrostatic effects and active centre solvation-desolvation phenomena; the extent to which crystal structures predict kinetic and mechanistic characteristics.


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