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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

The music of cells


Researchers from the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (Dr Ashworth and Dr Lahne) have teamed up with colleagues in School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (Dr Barthet, Dr Noland and Dr Marsh) in a cross-disciplinary project aimed at deciphering the biological signals that occur during embryo development. Cell signals, such as calcium fluxes, have distinctive patterns that influence cell behaviours. Existing signal processing methods used to detect musical notes have been adapted to analyse calcium signals recorded in zebrafish embryos. Combining imaging approaches with mathematical modelling is providing innovative tools to study development. For further details take a look at 'Bridging the Gaps' at QMUL and the video footage.

This project was funded by a 'Bridging the Gaps' grant through the EPSRC.



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