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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

The development of nanogel-based targeted drugs


Marina Resmini and colleagues in the SBCS aim to develop a nanogel material that can be used to deliver drugs into the body, which would then disassemble at their destination (see the article in The Engineer). It is hoped they will have a working proof within two years, having received £173,862 through an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council grant. An advantage of this is the drug would be released but without the problem of toxicity and with fewer side effects. Outside of medicine, the method could be applied to the delivery of agriculture pesticides.

Grant winner THES

It has been reported in the Higher Times Education Supplement (THES) that Marina has been awarded £173,862 by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council for her research, ‘From big to small: domino-disassembled nanogels as new drug-delivery vehicles’.



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