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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Student Success: Shaun Bernadet

Shaun won a the best mentor award recently so we caught up with to him to understand his work, motivations and what he has gained from this experience.



Question:            What inspired you to become a mentor for QMUL?

'I became a mentor because I wanted to help first year students navigate what can be one of the biggest transitions in their lives. I wanted to use the opportunity to tell them things I would have found helpful, for example, I would have found it helpful if someone had explained the benefits of looking for an internship in my first year so that I can spend my second year planning for my 3rd year project.'


Question:            What did you gain from being a QMUL mentor?

'I was able to make a difference to a student life at QMUL. It was very rewarding to be able to be a part of a students support network. The buddy system at QMUL is very good and it is something that all students and mentors benefit from.

I have been able to improve my communication skills and I feel like I have picked up some teaching skills as well. I am also better at planning and time management, as I have had to work as a mentor around my studies and life.


Question:            Why do you think you were nominated for the award?

'I think I was nominated because I was committed to helping and this came through in my interactions with my group of mentees.


Question:            Would you recommend being a mentor?

'Yes – absolutely! I have thoroughly enjoyed being a mentor and I hope through this scheme that I have been able to contribute positively to the student community at SBBS and QMUL.




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