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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Student Spotlight - Gemini, BSc Neuroscience

We spoke to Gemini to find out how she finds studying Neuroscience at Queen Mary

Gemini Medley

Why did you choose to study at Queen Mary over other universities?

I chose to study at Queen Mary because it is a Russel Group university in London. I have always wanted to study in London because of the many exciting things to do and it is a nice change from my small village. Also seeing how nice the campus was and its various establishments made me choose Queen Mary.

Why did you pick this course?

I chose Neuroscience because I found it very interesting when I covered it in my A-Level Biology. Upon further reading on how the brain controls functions of the body and the detrimental effects when this is impaired, I realised this intriguing yet complex field is what I wanted to study further.

How have you found the teaching, research, lecturers, course content?

I enjoy the teaching, it is evident how passionate the lecturers are about their various research and the lectures are very interactive making them engaging. I really like how varied the neuroscience modules are so I get to learn about a range of different topics meaning I never find my degree dull.

What do you think of the campus/es?

I love the Mile End campus as it is aesthetically pleasing and self-contained with establishments including lecture theatres, gym, café, shops etc. There are numerous study spots, lounge areas and cafés/food spots to hang out with friends and do work.

What has been your favorite thing about studying at Queen Mary?

My favourite thing about studying at Queen Mary is being able to make many friends and making memorable experiences with them.

What do you enjoy about your course and what has been your biggest highlight?

I really enjoy the variety of modules that I have and It’s very interesting learning about the recent advances in research. My biggest highlight is doing a research project, I am currently researching the promotion of axonal regeneration by targeting the cAMP signalling pathway. I find it fun doing the experiments and following up on the cells’ growth.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering your course and Queen Mary?

I would say to definitely consider Queen Mary as it’s a great university with a nice campus, a range of helpful facilities and teaching/research of high quality. There are many enjoyable clubs/societies and extracurricular to get involved in which is a great way to increase employability and make life-long friends. Neuroscience is a great course, don’t be put off by how complex it may seem because it’s very interesting. You will gain a lot of satisfaction once you understand and learn more about the research in this field.

Are you a member of any societies, volunteering, or hold any part-time jobs, how have you found them?

I am part of the Saint John Society and African and Caribbean society. I thoroughly enjoy attending both of these societies. Saint John Society has allowed me to learn first aid and I currently volunteer as an Event first aider and a volunteer vaccinator which I love doing in my free time. African and Caribbean society has allowed me to meet new people and make friends. I am also a QM SBBS Student Ambassador which involves me guiding and answering prospective students questions on open days. This is an amazing part-time job allowing me to develop important skills and earn money in an enjoyable way.

What are your plans after finishing your course? / What do you want to do when you graduate?

I am planning on studying medicine after my neuroscience degree as it will allow me to integrate my interests in human biology, aiding vulnerable people and life-long learning.

Any memories/final thoughts?

I have absolutely loved my time at Queen Mary and can’t imagine studying anywhere else.

Sum up your experience at Queen Mary in just four words:

Fun, Interesting, Friends and Growth



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