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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

QMUL – NCU Joint Research Symposium Showcases Excellence in Biomedical Research

From 12 – 13 April, the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) welcomed academic staff and students from Nanchang University in China as part of a two-day biomedical research symposium.

QMUL NCU Joint Research Symposium

This was the second of the series, which was initiated in 2017 to promote research collaborations across the two institutions in structural, molecular and cancer cell biology.

Prof Ed Burke, Vice Principal for Science and Engineering' opened the two-day event highlighting the importance of joint research-oriented teaching across the two institutions. This was followed by a number of engaging research seminars by biomedical investigators from both Nanchang University and QMUL. A closing talk by Prof Richard Pickersgill, Head of SBCS, highlighted the complementary research strengths in structural biology and cancer cell biology across the two institutions, and encouraged the spirit of collaboration that includes the exchange of research personnel, space, and facilities.

The second day of the symposium hosted a number short biomedical research talks and posters by research students and post-doctoral research fellows. Three outstanding student presentations received awards.

Prize Winners

  • Sophie Knott – Evaluating the interplay between Trypanosoma brucei DNA repair systems
  • Mengyu Wang – Expression levels of restriction factor REAF following HIV infection under IFN treatment in monocytederived macrophages
  • Tanya Masood – Biochemical Characterisation of N4BP-1, a novel ubiquitin binding protein

Congratulations to all students and staff for their research efforts throughout the year and their presentations. We look forward to the 2019 research symposium, which will take place at Nanchang University.

QMUL – Nanchang Partnership

The partnership between SBCS and Nanchang University, which was formed in 2013, is part of a wider QMUL strategy of internationalisation and long-term commitment to working in China. This partnership offers a joint degree in Biomedical Sciences / Clinical Biomedicine, with students graduating with degrees from both QMUL and Nanchang University. The programme operates by combining the academic expertise and educational cultures of two international institutions to create one jointly taught programme.

Learn more about the Nanchang Programme.

You can also view all the photos from the symposium on SBCS’ Flickr page



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