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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Dr Steve LeComber comments on ‘films that would make Einstein blush’


US physicist Professor Sidney Perkowitz has called for Hollywood producers to tone down their fancy scientific exploits and restrict any flaws to one per movie. He says that films should not repeatedly violate scientific laws such as time travel and flying humans. But Dr Le Comber says on the BBC News website that it does not ruin the movie experience, “If it's a good enough movie, I'll let them do it,” he said. One of the worst offending movies is Deep Blue Sea (1999), which finds a cure for Alzheimer’s using a protein from shark’s brain, subsequently leading to a super-breed of sharks. Dr Le Comber said: “It doesn't give an accurate idea of what scientists do, but I don't think science fares any worse than any other occupations.”



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