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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Brendan Curran interviewed by 'Farming Today'


Geneticist Dr Brendan Curran was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’ Farming Today programme on the issues surrounding the consumption of cloned livestock. As the government launches a consultation on the production of cloned animal products, Dr Curran warned that we should be “careful and compassionate” about the safety of animals. While the first cloned animals were produced as a biological experiment to answer questions about their genetics, these results did not lay the groundwork for predicting the utility of these technologies for large scale meat production. Dr Curran went on to say that we should take a close look at the ethics of new technologies before introducing them into our food chain, however, he also stated that there is no reason for people to be concerned for their health if they eat the food products from cloned animals or their offspring.



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