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School of Politics and International Relations

Current Research Students

Nicky Armstrong
Visual Communication and the #MeToo Effect

Elizabeth Blake
Algorithmic-targeting and its impact on voting behaviour and democracy

Felix del Campo
History of "Occidental" radical conservative neoliberalism and the continuation of neoliberalism by other means: contemporary European far-right movements.

Nicholas Chukwudike 
Identity Formation and Mobilisation: The Influence of Hashtag Activism on Protest Movements in sub-Saharan Africa

Francisca Fernandez Merino
Affected Spaces of Contention: A Study on the Interaction between Semi Ephemeral Public Art (SEPA) and its Audience in Contemporary Feminist Social Movements.

Ziyi Huang
Far-right party-movement interactions in western Europe

James Hicks
Populism For and Against the Neoliberal Order

Lucy Kneebone
Politics of the In-Between: Struggles over Camps

Beni Kovacs 
A beacon of the Right throughout the world: The rise of radical conservatism in Hungary and its reflections in the West

Timor Landherr
Borders and Their Shadows – The Politics of Territory, Externalisation, and Movement

Luke Lavender
How is Silence Political: Understanding Silent Forms of Political Activism and the Limits of Discursive Politics

Victoria León-Porath
Social movements in Chile: a case study of the outcomes of the uprising

Nika Mahnic
Programmable infrastructures and state (de)formation

Meena Masood
The politics of vulnerability in the European ‘migrant crisis’

Kinti / Pablo Orellana MatuteThe relational politics of Becoming and the dynamic re-constitution of the ‘global’

Javed Miah
Asian political representation in the UK

Shahrazad Odeh
The influence of guns on the lives of Palestinian citizens of Israel

Akram Salhab

Dalia Saris
Private Security and Humanitarian Security: mutuals or competitors?

Muna Shwiqi

Yara Sleiman
Group cross-pressures and political decision-making

Charlie Thomas
Thinking Beyond the Workplace

Zak Tobias
Transformation Zones: Digital Hubs, Class and (Geo)politics in Jordan

Isaac Kimani Wangunyu
Effects of pre-parliamentary careers on political career paths among members of parliament of Kenya, 2013-2022: A sequence analysis approach.

Meredith Warren
Constructing climate change litigation: how legal storytelling shapes our political imagination

Qi Xu
Under what conditions will China initiate new institutional arrangements?

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