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Dissatisfied young should join the political fray


According to the latest data for 2020 from Queen Mary University of London’s Mile End Institute, 63% of Conservative Party grassroots are male. On average they’re in their late 50s - but four in ten are over 65, with only 6% aged 18-24. They tend to be better off, with eight of ten saying they are in the three highest economic and social groups by wealth and education. Meanwhile, over nine in ten identify as white British, and nearly half of them live in southern England. 
While that research is four years old, little will have changed, according to one of its authors. Prof Tim Bale was doubtful of Tory claims that there had been a significant rise in younger members. “It’s difficult to imagine apart from those who are just ‘Tory boys and girls’ infused by Boris Johnson and the cult of Boris having joined the party in any great numbers,” he said in the Observer

This was covered in the TimesWashington PostIndependentBloombergiNewsLondon Economic
Dr Daniel Gover, Lecturer in British Politics at Queen Mary, explained the protocol for a prime ministerial resignation to Stylist magazine. Professor Bale also spoke to BBC Radio 4’s The Long ViewDaily Mirror, BBC News, Washington Post, Times Radio, London Evening Standard, Sky News, LBC, WBUR and BBC Radio London.



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