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Labour’s London lead is halved as it’s all to play for in capital


Jeremy Corbyn’s lead in the vital London battleground has been halved since the general election in 2017, putting half a dozen key Labour seats at risk on December 12, an exclusive poll reveals today. Professor of Politics, Professor Philip Cowley said a striking feature of the poll was a marked fall in Labour’s support in inner London, a heartland. He cautioned against making firm seat-by-seat predictions based on the swing in such a volatile election, but said Labour looked likely to lose seats. Professor Cowley said: “Compared to the position in 2017, these figures mean a fall of 16 points in the Labour share of the vote and just a four point drop in the Conservative share. In practice, assuming no change by polling day, this would almost certainly mean seats being lost by Labour and gained by the Conservatives.”
PDF available on request: Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph,
Also featured in: Express, MSNCityAM 



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