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Christchurch shootings


Dr Clive Gabay spoke to Talk RADIO about the Christchurch shootings and white supremacy. He said: “The term white replacement is a term that gets used by right wing commentators in this country who then turn around and say we shouldn’t publicise the manifesto that this Christchurch terrorist wrote. Well, that manifesto is full of the language and rhetoric that people with big public platforms have been peddling in this country and indeed around the world for a number of years. So I think there is a big problem with the public debate.”  He added: “To borrow a term, we need to ‘drain the swamp’, there are so many examples of the way that Muslims have been vilified in our media and I think that just needs to stop. I also think that we need to take very seriously the idea that these white extremists are acting alone, but they’re produced within an international network of sympathisers and facilitators.”



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