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British MPs Ready to Engage in Kamikaze Tactics to Stop Brexit, Scholar Warns


Dr Lee Jones is interviewed by Sputnik on Brexit and the possibility of an upcoming general election: He said: “The main electoral threat to the Conservatives is the insurgent Brexit Party, which hammered them in the European parliamentary elections and, to a large extent, caused the bulk of the parliamentary party to rally behind Boris Johnson and his intransigent position on honouring the Brexit vote. Holding an election before Brexit is implemented is therefore risky because the Brexit Party could split the pro-Brexit vote in many constituencies, causing the Tories to lose. However, since becoming leader, Johnson has essentially turned the Conservatives into the Brexit Party: they back no deal; they have issued a raft of populist spending announcements; and they are sharpening the political division between “the people” and Remainers in parliament. Although many Leave voters may not entirely trust Johnson – for good reason – most are rallying behind him, and the Brexit Party’s poll numbers have slipped considerably.”
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