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Boris Johnson: Conservatives could be making a major error in letting him avoid the press and public


Professor Philip Cowley published an article for The Conversation where he argues that Conservatives could be making a major error in letting Boris Johnson avoid the press and public. He writes: “Perhaps the biggest surprise of those events in which Johnson has participated so far is how unimpressive he has been. Like those FA Cup matches in which commentators resort to the cliché about not being able to tell which is the Premier League team and which is the one struggling in League One, no outside observer watching would have identified Johnson as the great communicator of the bunch. But maybe I’m wrong. It would not be the first time that people have misunderstood the electoral appeal of would-be leaders. In 1975, after the Conservative Party chose Margaret Thatcher, many Labour MPs thought it made a Labour victory at the next election more likely. Only a handful saw the danger.”

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