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School of Politics and International Relations

Are we living in a multipolar world?


Dr Lee Jones of the School of Politics and International Relations appeared on Russia Today to discuss the topic of a multipolar world, in which multiple states are competing for influence and dominance in world affairs. When asked whether we are living in a multipolar world Dr Jones said: “I don’t think so. I think certainly US hegemony is waning and has all kind of problems with it, but people have been saying that since the 1970s and somehow the US still exercises a dominant role in world affairs.” Dr Jones claims the US is really the only power exercising the force of attraction, “China comes closest, but if you were to try to say these are China’s client states, these are the states who have clustered around China and given up alignment with the US and gone over to China, there’s hardly any, a tiny handful of countries that have done it.”
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