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Queen Mary in Paris

Faculty and staff

Find out more about the academic faculties and interdisciplinary Schools at Queen Mary, as well as the Schools and staff that are part of Queen Mary in Paris.

The university is made up of the following academic faculties: 

As well as the following interdisciplinary institutes:

Currently one School from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offer postgraduate taught degree programmes in Paris - Centre for Commercial Law Studies in the School of Law. 

Most of those teaching on the programmes are based in London, travelling to Paris regularly for teaching and other academic commitments. 

Professional Services Support from London

Queen Mary provides a range of support services to its students, from Admissions to careers to welfare and counselling. 

Dedicated professional services support for the degree programmes in Paris are provided by the Schools, with some based in Paris and others travelling regularly from London. 

  • Samantha Heffernan
  • Anna Gray

Queen Mary works with the University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) to provide professional services support to students in Paris.

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