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Our Community

At Queen Mary, we are committed to the idea of the university as a community which is mutually supportive and works to further knowledge creation and dissemination. We are committed to engagement with our London location and working to benefit wider society.

Our Community was developed in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London Students’ Union, with input from both students and staff from across the College.

What staff can expect

From students

  • Attendance and active engagement in learning and research
  • Commitment to own learning experience
  • Commitment to following procedures
  • Engagement in developmental opportunities for life after Queen Mary
  • Responsibility for own actions
  • Acceptance of shared responsibility in collaborative working

The continuing success of Queen Mary depends on the contributions of all members of our community. This charter expresses the values of the Queen Mary educational experience and the expectations we share.

From fellow staff

  • Teaching and learning informed by research
  • Ethical approaches in support of our values and mission
  • Respect for one another and our diversity of views and backgrounds
  • Responsible behaviour and integrity
  • Promotion of tolerance
  • Active participation in our learning community
  • Shared responsibility for our learning experience and development
  • Fair and constructive feedback
  • Commitment to provide adequate resources to support our endeavours
  • Effective and open communication
  • Awareness of the need to maintain a safe environment
  • High quality teaching informed by research
  • Constructive and effective use of contact time
  • Opportunities to develop additional skills for life after Queen Mary
  • Commitment to following procedures
  • Commitment to supporting the development and success of students
  • Commitment to fairness and equality of treatment
  • Respect for the contribution and expertise of all colleagues
  • Cooperation and collaborative working

This charter embeds Queen Mary's mission to maintain its high educational standards and deliver consistently high quality work to all students.


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