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Unlocking Insights into Marketing to Mature Consumers: A New Research Synthesis

Research from Queen Mary University of London academic Dr Mina Tajvidi, delves into marketing communications targeted at mature consumers aged 50 and above, addressing definitional inconsistencies and reviewing research published since 1972.

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In an era marked by the increasing significance of an aging population, understanding and effectively targeting mature consumers has become paramount for marketers worldwide. A groundbreaking research paper titled ‘What we do know and don’t know about marketing communications on mature consumers’ sheds light on this crucial demographic, resolving long-standing definitional inconsistencies and providing a roadmap for future research and practice in marketing communications.

Authored by a team of esteemed scholars, this paper offers a comprehensive synthesis of existing research on marketing to mature consumers, encompassing individuals aged 50 and above. Drawing from a meticulous analysis of 106 papers published in premier marketing journals since 1972, the study identifies key themes and unveils critical insights into this demographic.

The findings of the paper underscore three primary research themes: the segmentation of mature consumers, their attitudes and behaviours, and effective marketing strategies tailored to this demographic. Furthermore, the research outlines a series of compelling future research directions, urging scholars and practitioners to delve deeper into understanding the complexities of mature consumer behaviour and preferences.

One of the standout contributions of this paper is its proposal for an expanded definition of mature consumers, transcending mere chronological age to encompass biological, psychological, and social dimensions, as well as life events and circumstances. This holistic approach promises to revolutionize how marketers conceptualize and engage with this diverse demographic.

From a practical standpoint, the research emphasizes the importance of personalized marketing approaches for mature consumers, recognizing their unique information processing mechanisms and the varying impact of marketing mix elements on their behaviour. It advocates for the adoption of alternative methodologies to fully capture the nuances of this market segment.

Co-author of the paper, Dr Mina Tajvidi, co-Director of MSc Marketing programme; Lecturer in Marketing, in the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London, remarked, "Our research underscores the pressing need for marketers to move beyond simplistic age-based stereotypes and embrace a more nuanced understanding of mature consumers. By doing so, businesses can unlock untapped opportunities and forge deeper connections with this increasingly influential demographic. As businesses navigate the evolving landscape of marketing communications, this research serves as a beacon, illuminating the path forward towards more effective and inclusive strategies for engaging mature consumers.”

View the full research paper ‘What we do know and don’t know about marketing communications on mature consumers’ here.

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