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Masters students benefit from new studentships

Earlier this year Queen Mary’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences launched two fully funded studentships for talented UK applicants from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

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Students Walking
Students Walking

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen Mary University of London is committed to increasing the representation of, and opportunities for, UK-BAME applicants who wish to pursue postgraduate degrees in the Humanities. The initiative, launched in 2019, recognises that funding opportunities across humanities disciplines at postgraduate level in particular, have been limited, until now.

Applicants were graduates of Queen Mary and applied in the research areas that are relevant to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and covered by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). More detail on AHRC Disciplines can be found here. Two studentships have been awarded for the coming academic year.

New admissions to the Faculty

Leah Colborne
Leah Colborne

Leah Colborne will be undertaking an MA in Contemporary Writing and Mohamed Omar-Ejjbair will be studying for an MA in Comparative Literature.

Leah Colborne said: “I applied for the studentship after one of my lecturers suggested it. The fact that I got it threw me; I was prepared to spend much longer working towards a position where I could continue to study. To me, the MA is a point of focus. It offers place and time to think, and poses the challenge to think better. I am always looking for that challenge. Queen Mary meets it, repeatedly.

“I am incredibly lucky to be starting on a course taught by so many wonderful minds; I am anticipating the questions they will raise, and what answering will ask of me.” 

Mohamed Omar-Ejjbair
Mohamed Omar-Ejjbair

Mohamed Omar-Ejjbair said: “I decided to apply for the scholarship because I saw an opportunity to focus completely on my studies without having the pressure of also having to work part-time. I understand this is a luxury a lot of people do not have. I also know the toll that worrying about money can have on academic work.

“I am looking forward to producing some of my best and most meaningful academic work over the coming year. I’m also excited to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will help me develop and challenge my ideas further.”

About Queen Mary’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Humanities and Social Sciences have been vital to establishing Queen Mary’s global reputation and the Faculty Schools regularly appear in subject rankings in the top 50 universities in the world.

Our Centres and Institutes drive Queen Mary’s local, national and global reputation, such as the Centre for the Studies of the Home, the Mile End Institute and the Centre for Commercial Law Studies.

More information

  • Find out more about Queen Mary’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences here.
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