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China’s first book on Political Marketing

Academics from Queen Mary University of London have published a Chinese edition of the book Political Marketing: Theory and Concepts - the first of its kind to be published in China.

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Professor Stephan Henneberg and Professor Nicholas O’Shaughnessy from Queen Mary’s School of Business and Management, along with Associate Professor Robert Ormrod, from Aarhus University first published their book in 2013. Their work has now been translated into Mandarin for the Chinese market. It marks the first time that a book on political marketing has been published in China. 

The book provides students with a critical understanding of how political parties use marketing to achieve their aims. With a focus on the theoretical underpinnings and concepts used by political parties, the text allows students to gain key insights into how they win elections and remain in power.

Queen Mary’s Marketing Interactions and Consumer Behaviour Group along with the Confucius Institute held a launch event for the book which has been published by Truth and Wisdom Press.

How a ‘healthy’ democracy can be achieved

Professor Henneberg said: “Knowing political marketing theories and concepts makes an important contribution to understanding democratic exchanges, not just with regard to campaigning and political elections but also relating to public service delivery for citizens.

“In times of ‘fake news’ and polarisation tendencies in politics, it is pivotal to understand the underlying theories and concepts of political marketing in order to foster considerations about how a ‘healthy’ democracy can be achieved.”

Professor O'Shaughnessy added: “The theory of political marketing elucidates our unique era: the Donald Trump phenomenon for example really could be seen as the application of two marketing ideas, branding and segmentation, and the manner in which he has mobilized them.”

About the authors

Professor Stephan Henneberg is Chair Professor of Marketing and Strategy, and Head of the Marketing Department at the School of Business and Management. His research interests include business marketing, supply chain management, and business strategy.

Professor Nicholas O’Shaughnessy is Professor of Communications at the School of Business and Management. Professor O'Shaughnessy's recent work has aimed to evolve a more theoretically rigorous foundation for the field of political marketing. He also has an interest in the renaissance of propaganda.

Dr Robert P. Ormrod is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Department of Management, Aarhus University, Denmark. His research interests include political marketing theory and stakeholder management.

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