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Professor Nicholas O'Shaughnessy


Professor of Communications

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Wednesday 2:00 - 4:00pm

Nicholas O'Shaughnessy is Professor of Communication at Queen Mary University of London School of Business and Management, where he is Senior Tutor for Postgraduates. He is also Visiting Professor in the Centre for Strategic Communication at King's College London (Department of War Studies); and Quondam Fellow of Hughes Hall Cambridge University.


Postgraduate Teaching

Social and Political Marketing (BUSM095)


Research Interests:

Over the last fifteen years, my work has broadened within and beyond an original focus on political marketing to graduate into related territories of polemic and propaganda, with emotion and symbolisation as the underlying constructs; and with a particular focus on such themes as the ethics of negative advertising and the rise of symbolic government. Ultimately the concern is with the ‘engineering of consent’- the troubling matter of how public opinion can be manufactured, and governments elected, via sophisticated methodologies of persuasion developed in the consumer economy. My perspective has always been that persuasion is the hidden hand of history, its core dynamic. And certainly it is the case that propaganda has become again an important part of our global public and civic discourse. Such research interests may in the past have seemed marginal, or even anachronistic, but that cannot be said today. In an era of Trump, the online ‘Jihad’, Russian troll farms, Cambridge Analytica, the politicization of social media, the menace of disinformation or ‘fake news’, my research agenda has the merit of contemporary resonance. Future research aims to continue to lie in this utterly fascinating area. 

Professor O'Shaugnessy is currently a Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Public Affairs, 2001-, Journal of Qualitative Marketing 2002-, Journal of Information Technology and Politics 2003-

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Other Publications: