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Institute of Banking and Finance Law

Using A.I. to Compare Regulations: The Cambridge Regulatory Genome

When: Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Where: Online


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The London Financial Regulation Seminar is an inter-collegiate and inter-disciplinary group of experts led by CCLS and our Institute of Banking and Finance under the leadership of Professor Rosa M. Lastra and Dr Daniele D’Alvia.

Dr Giovanni Bandi, Executive Director of the Regulatory Genome Project, will be talking about 'using A.I. to compare regulations: the case of the Cambridge Regulatory Genome'. Professor Lastra will chair the event, and Dr. Daniele D'Alvia will be the discussant.

The Cambridge University's Regulatory Genome Project (RGP) goal is to develop and support the adoption of the Cambridge Regulatory Genome (CRG) – an A.I. enabled information structure that can standardise how digital applications review and catalogue digital information on financial regulation. The CRG will be a public, open information structure, suitable for representing and comparing financial regulation across jurisdictions. This mission is based on the belief that a shared information structure will give regulators and policymakers better tools with which to publish, analyse and supervise regulatory frameworks; its broad adoption by industry will spur the development of interoperable compliance technology ecosystems.

Cambridge University is actively researching how taxonomies can represent regulatory obligations and be structured by regulatory theme for A.I. use. Subject Matter Experts from various continents are currently supporting the CRG by mapping it to international standards established by Standard Setting Bodies. More recently, the RGP has launched a partnership with IOSCO to build MASI, a pilot front-end to our engine calibrated to support analysis of obligations and gaps to IOSCO Principles and Standards.

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