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Things to do near Queen Mary

Things to do around and near campus

Moving to university is a big step and being away from home can be daunting. Whether it's your first time away or not, a new area and a new group of people can be nerve-wracking. One big plus about living on campus is being able to make the most of Queen Mary's surrounding areas. This helps with centering and establishing yourself, and makes you feel more settled and at ease with what you can reach within five minutes or so. Plus you have the luxury of being just a short walk away from plenty of fun places.

My big recommendation is to check out Victoria Park. Just a 10 minute stroll alongside the canal from campus exit, you walk on the opposite side of the canal from uni straight along and you can't miss it. It's a great place to chill out, go for a run or a nice stroll and just take a breather from busy London life. If you’ve got a free Sunday make sure to visit the food market which is open on Sundays only. It has every type of food you could want or desire, with many cakes, cookies and other great treats! It's a great environment to be in with locals and students alike.

For film lovers there's the Genesis Cinema in Stepney Green, where you can get student tickets throughout the week. It's a retro-styled cinema showing recent releases as soon as they come out. It shows some special screenings of classic movies, and sometimes  collaborative screenings with Truman's beer (for the under-appreciated indies!). It's a great place to watch movies and have a drink in, and with it being so close to the Mile End campus it's a great night out for you and a group of friends.

There are a lot of pubs in the area, some old vintage style and some more modern – but each with their own unique charm and appeal. ‘The Lord Tredegar’ is a great spot on Tuesdays for its pub quizzes. This gem is also a great place for good pub grub and drinks – and it's not badly priced either. ‘The Horn of Plenty’ has loads of games and nice seating areas to enjoy a more intimate night with friends. There's also a Wetherspoons five minutes away – which is always a good shout for a cheap meal and medicinal pint after those longer study days.

Just around the corner from the Mile End campus is the Mile End Climbing Wall. You don’t have to be an experienced climber to join here, as they have introductory sessions and more amateur walls to climb. If you’re very interested in climbing, then you can join the climbing society at Queen Mary. However, if you just fancy a fun day out and a bit of fun exercise, it's a stone's throw away.

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